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Closing address of the 1. International Airport-Residents-Conference

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Attachinger Manifesto

Everybody has the right to sleep at night


Europe needs to have a proper debate about air travel. The current policy of growth and expansion is causing climate change, air pollution and noise problems. And its economic benefits are uncertain. The policy is being resisted by as growing number of people across Europe . It needs a Europe-wide solution. Residents around one airport must not be played of against residents at other airports. Everybody has the right to health, to live in a home free of constant noise and a duty to leave the planet in a fit state for their children. We therefore organized an International Aviation Campaigners' Conference in Attaching, just outside Munich . We are calling on the European Parliament and our national parliaments to support:


an end to night flights, so that each airport has 8 hours free of planes;


an end to the tax-free fuel for airlines and an end to exemptions from sales taxes, such as Value Added Tax (VAT);


a reduction in all subsidies received by the aviation industry;


active measures to reduce the impact of noise on residents;


no additional airport capacity in Europe ;


transfer of short-distance flights to rail.


The health and well-being of people and the planet must be given priority over economic interests. Together, as citizens of Europe , we pledge to fight for our rights.