Closing address of the 1. International Airport-Residents-Conference

June 22, 2013

(the spoken word is valid)


Dear speakers of our conference,

Dear guest from Austria, Belgium, England, France, Switzerland and Germany,

Dear friends of the alliance of action „aufgeMUCkt“,

Ladies and gentlemen,


as one of the speakers of our alliance of action, it is a great honour for me, to contribute closing words to this First International Airport-Residents-Conference. Let me welcome you with a sincere Bavarian „Grüß Gott“!





First of all, from the bottom of my heart, I would like to express thanks to our speakers for their excellent contributions. Let me ask you to acknowledge them with an extra applause! They have demonstrated authentically, to which extent our community, i.e. people in this wonderful and still livable world,

are subject to essential health threats following the eagerness for power of inhumanly acting politicians.



Since more than seven years, we, the residents who are deeply concerned by the scheduled third lane, fought indefatigably against this fully needless

extension of our airport, ignoring demands of nature and of people who originally wanted to coexist with the airport in the present 2 -lane- version.

We have to experience all the time that our profound arguments and expert opinions concerning health threats are simply disregarded by the support

ers of the extension of the airport.



Such consternation of people does not count in our economy-oriented world. Consequently, we have to defend ourselves in our way and multifaceted

in order to prevent our decline! Therefore, at the end of our conference, I would like to tread a path with you with positive perspectives.



In my mind is Stéphane Hessel, a role model form me, a great Frenchman, a fighter of the Résistance, a diplomat and a representative of the United Nations.

During lifetime, he got involved for freedom, justice and human dignity. Three years ago, at the age 93, he wrote a consolidated 23 page appeal, addressing

manhood in an emotionally outstanding way, entitled “Time of Outrage” (in the German translation „Empört Euch“), a booklet which became a world

wide bestseller and which initiated enthusiastic responses. (The subsequent citations are translated from “Empört Euch” in to English.)



For instance, he advised domineered and nonrespected people all over the world that it ́s worth, indeed, to “engage oneself and to react indignantly in order to perpetuate society in a way that we (and our children) can be proud of it”. He also said: „Common welfare should stand above individual issues, fair dissemination of wealth created by the working world above the power of money”!



Consistently he wrote: „Intervene, be indignant! I wish that any of you has a reason to be outraged. This is valuable. Only if oneis indignant at something, one I getting active, strong and engaged”. Particularly the lastnamed statements were applied to the third runway by myself and many fellow campaigners already a few years before the publication of Hessels ́ bestseller, motivated by simple instinct of selfpreservation. This is something which I can strongly recommend to any activist, supposed it concerns a good cause such as the protection of creation for our descendants.



However, Stéphane Hessel also points out: „Outrage receives its value (only) by the subsequent acting “ (for instance participation in demonstrations and similar actions). Also our present conference belongs to such acting, by which we stimulate people to resist in order to induce a change in the mind of politicians. For us antagonists of the third runway, encouraged with the positive Munich citzens ́ decision in the back, Hessels ́ prediction appears ageless:

“But the threat is not fully banished and our anger caused by injustice has not disappeared. No, the threat is not banished!”



By this he points out clearly that also in case of success, we activists need to be wide awake, we should defend our success and observe critically our opponents. We will watch out! Regarding our hopes and our fears of major tasks, he encourages us with the statement: “Do not accept what is unacceptable and risk to count on improbabilities”! As antagonists of the third runway, we have verified this statement by means of a sustained engagement in the years before the Munich citizens ́ decision. And we will continue to do so. Also our friends from London followed this principle successfully. Many competent observers confirmed that our opposition against the third runway encouraged people who suffer from airports across Germany to start corresponding resistance. Our conference will do the same.



Furthermore, Stéphane Hessel points out his explicit hope that such resistance will be nonviolent. Even in case that public authority enforces the operation of

construction machines (I do no more believe it), nonviolence is valid. He writes: “The best instrument against violence is nonviolence!“ (e,g. the Nicolai Church in Leipzig). He adopted a postulate of J. P. Sartre, which should be valid also for us: All of us are selfresponsible for this world, alone (any for himself)

and absolute! If then – today like always before – an active minority is standing up, the sourdough will do its job”.



Addressing these citations of prominant activists, I would like to encourage you, not to slowdown resistance against all kind of injustice in our world. This also holds for our speakers, whose expertise and reviews concerning people and nature often are ignored by the authorities of our country or refuted by flimsy arguments (e.g. the day before yesterday by the Bavarian Higher Administrative Court in Munich). The excellent but also alarming statements of you, dear Professor Dr. Greiser, and of you, dear Professor Dr. Rottmann, concerning health effects of aircraft noise and gaspolution excite me again to state the following: Because my own anger and outrage had not sloweddown after seven years of resistance, as a retired police officer who is familiar with laws, I repeat my accusation in front of this audience:


I accuse the shareholders of the airport (FMG), the Free State of Bavaria and the Federal Republic of Germany of „conditional purposely assault (bodily injury)

according to the criminal code, because they take into account approbatorily that many thousend people have to stand toxication following aircraft gaspollution and diseases following aircraft noise and therefore must die earlier.



This statement also holds for other largescale airport projects. Consequently, our dictum is: „Where justice turns into injustice, resistance becomes obligatory“.

Finally, I would like to cite again Stéphane Hessel: „In order to find out, that in the world unbearable events occur, one must look precisely, one must search. To the youngsters I say (today): If you look, you will find. The statement “Without me” is the worst what one could do to oneself and to the world”. This saying will not address anybody around here because otherwise, nobody would be here. Just now, we rightly outrage airport constellations in order to sustain

with great engagement our beautiful world (our beloved mother Earth) worth living for our children and grandchildren.


Maybe some of the citations will motivate you to find new fellow campaigners. All of us should follow the advice of Stéphane Hessel, to be the sourdough for

our environment and our descendents. Let me express again sincere thanks to our speakers for their engagement, to numerous auditors for coming here, and to the organisers and their assistants for realising this conference. To all of you my best wishes for a good trip back,for good health and plenty creative

power for all your activities, for resilience and wellearned success.



Thank you very much for your attention.


Auf Wiedersehen!

Hartmut Binner, im Namen der Veranstalter

(Translation: G. Müller-Starck)